Automotive Analytics

Automotive analytics initiatives enhance how automotive manufacturers and dealers engage with customers. The new generation of car shoppers emphasizes customer experience most when asked about their ideal shopping process, and today’s average car shopper makes just two dealership visits. So automotive dealers are getting fewer chances to prove themselves on the most important part of the ideal shopping process. It is vital to turn data into operational advantages – which means supporting real-time decisions at all touchpoints between the frontline and customers, and automating specific processes to maximize customer loyalty.

Every automotive manufacturer, importer and dealer has extensive data from multiple sources. But few can connect the dots and benefit from the potential that lies within. Our solutions are based on data collaboration – that is, data from the Dealer Management System, the Customer Experience Program or marketing actions. All are important and valuable. However, the real potential lies in combining these data sources and transforming the data into operational advantages.

We provide you with full understanding and oversight of all aspects of the customer life cycle by integrating all your customer data and touchpoints to best manage the purchase, post-purchase and repeat-purchase phases:




Action Management

Frontline employees can’t use an overall customer experience measurement to create more effective customer interactions. They need personalized, relevant data that’s pushed at the right time.

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Change doesn’t happen because you measure – change happens when frontline exactly knows what to improve and when frontline commits to improving the customer processes.

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Today’s average car shopper makes just two dealership visits. This moves most of the decision-making process and opportunities to influence shoppers to online touchpoints.

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