Employee satisfaction and 360 degree management research used to decrease absenteeism through illness, attract customers, and increase turnover at the BAUHAUS chain of DIY stores.

In recent years, BAUHAUS has carried out a combination of employee satisfaction and 360-degree management surveys. Investment in this research has a clear focus on improving the bottom line, and is carried out with a belief that the benefits are passed on to customers.

The surveys cover almost 1000 employees and managers, and the key words to achieving the required results are following up and action. That is why it is important that the research solutions contain tools that provide an overview of the focus areas and tools for benchmarking so the company can track development each year.

PROCESS: Systematized follow up

Once a year, managers and employees from BAUHAUS Denmark are responding to a survey. The questions are the same each year, which makes it possible to compare responses and development. Employees are asked about their well-being in the department and their relationship to their manager. Managers in turn are asked to assess themselves, while their employees and closest line manager give their assessment of how they are getting on in the job.

Grethe Juhl, the sales coordinator and the project manager responsible for coordinating and carrying out the surveys, goes through the results of the employee satisfaction survey with the personnel manager and management team, before meeting each individual store manager to discuss the main conclusions. In each department, the departmental manager and employees select three points to improve before the next survey.

We used to work with up to ten points, but this has proven to be far too many. We now work with fewer points and this has increased the success rate,” explains Grethe Juhl, who is very pleased that the follow up work has been systematized in this way.

SOLUTION: Clear action plans

Using the new follow up tool, management of the DIY chain can quickly get an overview of the results and the focus areas, and everybody does follow up work in the same way. Instead of 25 dense pages with no clear conclusion, BAUHAUS now receives a clear, reader-friendly report from ag analytics that highlights the most important factors.

The 360-degree research shows the individual manager the most important aspects he or she needs to work with in relation to his or her professional and personal skills. The managers each formulate an action plan that details how they will develop professionally. They present this to their employees, which further oblige them to work with the selected points.

The follow-up tool sums up the various focus areas that the individual departments in the stores want to work with. Each department chooses three focus areas based on their own evaluation of what will lead to less absenteeism from sickness, more customers or a greater turnover,” she says.

Follow up of the analysis work is important if we are to continually improve. And now we have the tool to do this easily. Investing in employee surveys and follow up work also has a beneficial effect on our customers, because customers can feel when employees are happy,” concludes Grethe Juhl.

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