Improving the customer experience is a matter of sound business practice. This is not just great theory but proved and experienced at BIRN. Aligning the strategic focus with a customer-oriented approach has been essential in winning a profitable organic growth.

BIRN operates in an international and highly competitive market where customer retention is one of the most important keys to profitable growth.

By providing full transparency across all customer relations, BIRN has successfully created a frontline engagement, which ensures a continuous improvement and focus on the customer experience. In mature industries, customer satisfaction is not only necessary to retain customers, but also to maintain prices and drive organic growth.

Understanding what really matters

In order to understand what really matters for their customers, ag analytics interviewed both sales managers from BIRN as well as current customers. When we had carried out the interviews, it was clear that competent account management, efficient delivery, and high quality castings were the key drivers of their customer’s satisfaction.

  • Account management: The ability to solve their customers’ concerns by having deep casting knowledge and understanding their customers’ needs, greatly improves the quality of cooperation. Sales are not all about price, customers are relying on quality solutions to create cost stability.
  • Delivery performance: Delayed deliveries are an extreme customer pain. BIRN’s customers are depended on meeting the fluctuating market demands, and if BIRN as a supplier cannot deliver as promised, they will find someone who can. In the end, BIRN’s customers can lose customers themselves.
  • Quality of cast iron: High quality castings are critical to support their customers in producing quality products. Failing to deliver the promised quality can in worst-case result in production downtime and drive total cost of ownership.

In more than four years, ag analytics has supported BIRN in implementing a more customer-oriented approach with customer programs and management presentations. By focusing on the customer’s main pains and gains, BIRN has increases on all important performance indicators.

Figure 1: The development in customer satisfaction in the last four years

Birn, results in KPI's

Maximizing the potential on the existing customer base

There is a direct positive link between customer satisfaction and share of wallet (the share of business with a specific customer). Happy customers are just plain good business. A marked increase in customer satisfaction has led to a large increase in Share of Wallet.

Figure 2: The development in CSI and Share of Wallet

Birn development Share of Wallet

Customer centricity is essential in BIRN’s growth strategy

Mapping BIRN’s customer potential identified a large unexploited potential on existing customers. In fact, the potential was big enough to support BIRN’s growth strategy without entry of new customers. In addition, the basics elements of BIRN’s operations are aligned with customer expectations, which support the mission towards higher differentiation and organic growth.

ag analytics has supported BIRN by mapping the full customer potential and with actionable input to support the strategic agenda and win a profitable growth. See the video below for additional information about BIRN’s strategy.

Birn 2020 strategy

About BIRN

BIRN is an international group with sales offices in the vicinity of their customers as well as sales teams specialized in meeting their customers’ requirements and demands. Their core competencies include all services from development, moulding, and machining to surface treatment and assembly. All allied companies have specialized in different areas related to moulding or machining.

With a total of 650 employees, BIRN is one of Northern Europe’s largest foundry groups. Apart from Vald. Birn A/S, the BIRN Group includes Vald. Birn GmbH, Tasso A/S, Kockums Maskin AB, and Uldalls Jernstøberi A/S.

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