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Bunzl was about to renew a contract with one of their larger clients. Before the negotiations started, they wanted to test customer satisfaction and document the value-creating parameters in the customer-supplier relationship.

Bunzl is a supplier of complete packaging products, store inventory and services for grocery stores, and the food industry in Denmark. The end users of Bunzl’s products are the individual grocery stores around the country, while their contact is always the customer’s head office. Part of the preparation for the negotiations was to get an insight into customer satisfaction from the people who use their products every day.

We wanted to show an insight into their business and tell them about the way we do business, not just at product level, but in terms of the general level of service that covers a variety of factors such as delivery of products,” explains Bunzl CEO Kim Pedersen.

PROCESS: Priority maps for the individual customer

ag analytics was asked to carry out customer research and the project started with a workshop, in which the questionnaire was developed. The CEO, head of sales, and a sales person from Bunzl attended this workshop.

We are a B2B company and don’t work in the typical way. It was crucial that ag analytics completely understood our setup. At the workshop, three organizational levels were represented to give ag analytics the insight they needed into all aspects of our business and the way we work with the customer,” says Kim Pedersen.

Following the workshop, ag analytics carried out interviews with 200 stores all over the country and spoke with the store managers and the departments, which use Bunzl products as part of their daily work. The results of this research were presented by ag analytics at another workshop.

In addition to the final report and accompanying action plans, Bunzl also got a software tool containing all the data from the research. The software made it possible to access the data as needed according to different parameters and business levels.

Using this tool, we are able to see the responses from the individual stores in detail, unless they have chosen to be anonymous in the research. This enables us to create priority maps for each customer and follow up if there has been any kind of dissatisfaction with our service,” explains Kim Pedersen.

SOLUTION: The start of a healthy dialogue

Bunzl took their customer research to the negotiating table and used it as a dialogue tool in the negotiation of the new contract.

We presented the results of the research to our customer, and discussed where we had definite strengths and how we could work to improve. This has been of particular value to us. It has created the foundation for a healthy dialogue – and not just in a negotiation – but also out with the end users in a dialogue between Bunzl sales people and the customer,” says Kim Pedersen.

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