Citroën Denmark invest to raise client experience to next level

In a highly competitive automotive market, the race to be included in customers’ considerations for their next car purchase is intense. The requirements for the service experience have noticeably increased, as service itself contributes significantly to customer loyalty.

That’s why Citroën teamed up with ag analytics – so they can use customer feedback not only to gain insight and knowledge, but also to help boost performance and follow-up. The CEM Dashboard from ag analytics enables Citroën to prioritize precisely what’s important for every dealer, department and employee.
Our collaboration includes ongoing performance measurement of 66 sales departments and 77 service and repair workshops based on customer evaluations following the purchase of a car or workshop visits. Customers automatically receive an evaluation form after their visit, and every response is sent directly as personal feedback to each of the more than 500 sales and service advisors at Citroën. All results are continuously available through the CEM Dashboard, while reporting and KPI performance are automatically sent by email.

Implementation and rollout in 5 weeks

Integration of the new CEM Dashboard had to take place while Interdan, one of Scandinavia’s largest car importers, took over Citroën Denmark. That meant there was only 5 weeks for setup, approval and rollout. To ensure the most effective implementation, dealers were brought on board from the start.

What does the importer say? How do you ensure successful implementation and rollout?

Involve dealers from the start and listen to their feedback
Be sure your collaborator has experience with DMS systems (Dealer Management Systems)
Make it simple for dealers, and focus on users
Make it personalized and ongoing with real-time feedback


What do dealers say? How does our solution look today?

Citroën in Holstebro,
Viborg & Skive, Denmark
We were quickly involved in the process
The ag dashboard is very user-friendly and adapted to the dealer’s challenges. We were quickly involved in the process, and we feel we have helped make an impact on certain elements. For example, we get not only negative alarms via email, but all responses, which allows us to focus on the many positive experiences. Having easy access to the results for salespeople and at the chain level (across 3 dealers) is also new for me.
Poul Bojsen, Managing Director and Owner, Bojsen Biler

Citroën in Herlev, Ballerup,
Roskilde & Rødovre, Denmark
Finding the individual employee’s performance is easy
Andersen Biler has 4 departments and 17 salespeople – with the ag analytics dashboard, it’s easy to navigate in our hierarchy and see the individual’s performance on selected KPIs, such as offered test drive, handover of the car made special, follow-up after sale. I work with the system and processes every day, but I am particularly pleased that my salespeople and I receive the responses instantly via email – that way we can work with both the positive and negative responses. I am very pleased with the collaboration with ag analytics.
Martin F. Jensen, Branch Manager, Andersen Biler Ballerup

Citroën in Odense & Ringe,
It’s simple – and it helps us!
ag analytics stopped by and went through the most important insights, and I really think ag analytics has managed to create a platform that is both simple and user-friendly, but also has the depth to help us dealers improve customer experience.
Kim Mølgaard, Branch Manager, Terminalen Odense S

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