Coop Trading

The competition on the retail market is fierce and it is crucial that the shops can act fast and effective on threats and possibilities. Coop Trading with its 13 million customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland is the Nordic region’s largest shopping organization, and they constantly seek to optimize the business and strengthen their competitiveness. Coop Trading cooperates with ag analytics and by involving customers and employees to identify and prioritize focus areas, we ensure that customer and market strategies become more effective.

It is large puzzle that need to go right, when thousands of shops in different chains in four countries need supplies from a large number of suppliers. The goods must be the right kind, have the right quality, price and profit, and be accessible at the right place at the right time. The shops in the Coop chains are thus deeply depended on the shopping organization being on the forefront of the development in customer preferences and the initiatives of their competitors.

In the last couple of years, ag analytics and Coop Trading have partnered on strategic customer analysis. The analyses uncover and quantify what really matters for an effective and value adding partnership, and identify and prioritize unused potential of growth as well as areas of improvements.

“The research creates value for both Coop Trading and our customers. We can clearly see that on the numbers”
– Jan Lundgren, CEO, Coop Trading.

An area that plays a large role for fast and efficient decision making is those IT systems and tools the shops use provided by Coop Trading. To gain the optimum out of data and information in the partnership between Coop Trading and the shops, the right information must end up with the right employee on the right time, as well as be accessible in a form where there never is any doubt of what is right and wrong. And that goes regardless of where in the hierarchy the employee is.

In that matter, the communication between Coop Trading and the shops is vital for a good partnership. It is the employees in the shops that meet customers face to face every day, and it is important that Coop Trading is proactive and listens closely to the input and challenges from the shops.

When the supplier fail e.g. by late or wrong delivering of goods from the supermarket offer leaflets, it is the shop personnel who face the disappointed customers and often stand alone with the responsibility to find a solution, even though they typically have no influence of the choice of goods or the conditions negotiated by Coop Trading.

There has to be a clear division of responsibility; a clear incitement structure built around common goals, and a close and trustful communication between shopping organization and shops. Coop Trading acknowledge the responsibility to constantly optimize the organization and to be proactive when it comes to the partnership, and it is highly prioritized.

About Coop Trading

Coop Trading is the Nordic region’s largest shopping organization who manages and purchase goods for Coop Denmark, Coop Norway, SOK Finland, and Coop Sweden. In total they have about 13 million customers.

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