DAFA Danmark

Dafa A/S wanted more loyal customers to create continued growth.

A high level of customer loyalty makes it difficult for competitors to steal market share. This makes results from customer research an important aspect of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Loyal customers are the best customers. They’d rather ask if we can match the competitor instead of switching supplier. We spend a long time developing customer-specific solutions. When we invest so many resources in this, it is important that we can also retain the customer, because these customers are not profitable in the short-term,” explains sales and marketing director, Carsten Krogh Hansen.

DAFA has specialized in a range of products that include weather-strips, gaskets, foam packaging and aluminum sections for the manufacturing, and construction industries. The company’s objective is to continue its growth, and to do this, DAFA has set up a number of subsidiaries abroad. Many Danish companies have factories in Asia, and DAFA also wants to be able to service its customers locally.

We know our customers well through our external sales people, but customer research is more extensive and it is important to carry out an independent and objective analysis of customer satisfaction,” continues Carsten Krogh Hansen.

PROCESS: High level of customer satisfaction

Once a year, DAFA carries out online customer research. A total of 200 customers from manufacturing and 300 from construction are surveyed. They are asked about how satisfied they are with products, delivery, communication, consultancy and service, as well as development and problem solving.

The level of customer satisfaction was very high at the last survey. There weren’t many areas for improvement. But there is always something that can be done better and the survey revealed some focus areas where we could better meet customers’ requirements for faster service,” says Carsten Krogh Hansen.

Important to keep up with development

DAFA has signed a three year contract with ag analytics to carry out annual customer and employee satisfaction surveys. The questions are the same each year which makes it possible to see developments in satisfaction and loyalty.

Some people choose to buy a program and do the research themselves, but we would rather have professionals do it. Surveys of this kind require knowledge and skills that we don’t possess,” explains Carsten Krogh Hansen, who sees the research work as a strategic tool and a good investment.

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