Densit A/S

Densit want to maintain their already strong position in the market and gain a more in-depth insight into their customers’ situation so they can continue to supply the best solutions.

For many years, Densit has enjoyed a strong position in the market in the ‘Renewables’ business, where one of the products is a foundation solution for off-shore wind turbines. When things are going well, it is easy to relax but Densit is doing everything it can to avoid taking its foot off the gas.

It is important for us to gain an insight into our customers’ business and more exact knowledge about what is most meaningful for them with regard to our offerings,” says CEO Finn Thor Hansen.

We already had a good indication of what was important for our customers and had created our strategy to deal with this. The customer research was designed to show any areas where we could improve. We wanted to ensure that our strategy was moving us in the right direction,” continues Finn Thor Hansen.

PROCESS: An in-depth analysis

Densit invited ag analytics to carry out customer research and the project was started with a kick-off workshop that was attended by Densit’s CEO, sales director, and marketing director. As there already were some clear assumptions about the company’s position in the market, it was obvious that the research work should focus on getting the details.

ag analytics carried out in-depth interviews by telephone and face-to-face. The final result was presented at a result briefing for all directors, managers, and employees at Densit. And the message was good news.

The research confirmed our assumptions regarding attitudes towards us in the market and also showed that we have incredibly loyal customers, which is wonderful,” says Finn Thor Hansen.

RESULT: Certainty that we are doing it right

The research results confirmed for Densit, that it is not just the product that customers experience as unique but the complete solution. The analysis also showed that customers can reduce their total installation costs by using Densit’s materials and services. This is significant for the optimal use of all the installation equipment that is used to erect off-shore wind turbines.

The research shows that customers perceive us as a highly qualified supplier. It has also revealed some areas that are important for them where we could do more,” says Finn Thor Hansen.

With the report, Densit has subsequently carried out small changes to ensure an even better customer experience.

These changes have been essential, but the research has really given us value by giving us certainty that we are doing the right thing,” concludes Finn Thor Hansen.

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