DMA International

DMA deliver highly qualified all-inclusive man power to power plants all over the world. In a market where fixed price contracts are dominant, DMS sells on hour rate, and this type of business model makes it a challenge to gain new customers. ag analytics helped DMA to analyze the strategic possibilities and redesign an effective Value Proposition. 

Man power on hour rate in a fixed price market

DMA International operates in a market characterized by risk exposure and fixed price contracts. DMA deliver highly qualified all-inclusive man power on hour rate. The current customers are very satisfied with the partnership with DMA, but what is the most effective Value Proposition in a market where consensus is fixed prices and not hour rate?

We needed new inputs in our strategic discussions to map the world we were facing. We have had a picture of how the demand looked like and we wanted to either confirm or deny that. Concretely, we had to hire a new sales director, where we wanted the strongest strategic basis beforehand”, tells Michael Blønd, CFO consultant at DMA international on the background for contacting ag analytics.

In-depth interviews and workshops

To find a unique solution, ag analytics held a workshop with DMA’s management and hereafter carried out approximately 20 in-depth interviews with both current and potential customers. The aim was to reach a deeper understanding of how DMA differentiate them compared to the competition.

A sharper business model

There were many conclusions to go fourth with. In relation to the former strategy, which was to carry on as usual, it has been something of an eye-opener, when several customers have told us that hour rate do not fit very well in their world”, says Michael Blønd and continuous: “Henceforward, we will make the necessary adaptions and assess new ways of attacking the market”.

On the partnership with ag analytics Michael Blønd says: “I did not expect to receive such a clear mapping of the market as done by ag analytics. It has really been an eye-opener. The recommendations were spot on”.

See also the presentation below of the case and our approach:

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