DT Group – Winning frontline engangement

The employees are the most important assets in a company, because without the employees, you cannot create a basis for a profitable business. That is why ag analytics has helped DT Group to drive Employee Engagement Programs in the last 5 years. In total, DT Group has more than 5.000 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and owns the chain STARK, Silvan, Beijer, and Neumann.

To be completely precise with the current strategies, values, and challenges, we began our partnership with a workshop including the respective management teams. The need for benchmarks and the ability to see historic trends are important, but it is always a balance in relation to target the strategic challenge.

When the units are of such a scale with more than 1000 employees, all parts must be involved to drive change. On that account, all managers have to be involved in the process and take on responsibility for possible change in their department to ensure a successful course. That is done by making management reports for all managers and each manager hereby have the responsibility to act on the report. The access to relevant results have great value for the head of the department, who besides ensuring the right focus, also gain self-awareness and the possibility to optimize their own management.

Winning Frontline Engagement – very engaged employees drives extra sales

To our research in 2015, we had an extra focus on the employee’s titles and their respective potential to increase their standards. We often see large differences in engagement depended on where in the hierarchies the employee is. Generally, our employee analyses show, that employees in the bottom have the lowest engagement. When it usually is those who have contact with customers, it is important with an extra focus to increase the engagement among these employees. Winning Frontline Engagement is an expression for that added potential you can find by up-lifting the frontline employees.

The newest initiative that is being implemented in cooperation with DT Group is the use of HR Analytics.

HR Analytics is basically about connecting people with results. On the one side, you list all the data you have on employees, which is you human capital, and on the other side, you relate that to the data you have about the performance and business results in your organization. On that account, you look on how a change in your business results can be explained by a change in your human capital”, explains Dana Minbaeva who is a professor in Strategic and Global Human Resource Management on CBS.

Therefore, we include much more variables in our analyses to provide STARK, SILVAN, and Beijer with a foundation for decision that doesn’t base itself on intuition, but on the right correlation between data and intuition. That gives the managers a better foundation to make the right decisions.

We therefore ensure that HR in STARK, SILVAN, and Beijer can document and prioritize their actions making their investment in employees used in an optimal way.


About DT Group

DT Group is largest dealer and distributor of building materials in the Nordic region. They own STARK and SILVAN in Denmark, Beijer in Sweden, STARK in Finland, Neumann in Norway, and STARK in Greenland.

DT Group serves its customers by a small-meshed net of shops. The customers include all from large contractors, builders, and consumers to distributors and industries.

DT Group is owned by Wolseley plc – the world’s leading distributor on heat and plumbing products to the professional market, and a leading supplier of building materials in Europa and Northern Africa.

DT Group employs 5.736 people spread out on 258 shops in five countries.                

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