Morsø Jernstøberi

The strategic business development of Morsø needed to be based on reliable market knowledge.

An optimal combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses

A real fire in a woodburner does more than provide heat. It provides comfort and peace of mind. “And peace of mind also comes from having correct market information that can be used a foundation for strategic business development,” says marketing manager Lone Attermann from Morsø in Nykøbing Mors.

It is incredibly important for us to know how the Morsø brand is perceived. We don’t want to base our strategic business development on guesswork,” she continues.

The company, based in the Limfjord area of Denmark, is one of the world’s leading producers of cast iron woodburners with an annual production rate of around 25,000 woodburners. Half of these are exported to 25 countries all over the world. The remainders are sold in Denmark. The aim for Morsø is to retain its position as a market leader in the Danish market.

Questions tested in focus groups

Market research is a central part of the preparation for strategic business development. To help with this, ag analytics supplied quantitative and qualitative research. 505 randomly-selected consumers aged between 25 and 65 took part in a telephone interview to reveal the level of awareness and image of the Morsø brand. However, before launching this survey, Morsø used focus groups as a pilot project to ensure the right questions were asked in the quantitative analysis.

This enabled us to try out some questions in advance and fine tune them before they were used in the telephone interviews. It also revealed if anything should be looked at in more detail. We could also clarify the questions that would test if the business strategy could last,” says Lone Attermann, who is also part of the management group.

A strategic tool

Two focus groups were carried out with ten randomly chosen participants. One group was for those aged 25-42 and the other for those aged 43-65. Project manager Poul Røpke from ag analytics was the chairman and moderator.

Competition for consumers is tough and therefore surveys that give us reliable knowledge about the market are an important strategic tool. That is why it is good to have an impartial party involved in the research work, so we can be sure that we understand things correctly. Having Poul Røpke as a moderator at the focus groups was a positive experience, as he made sure we got exactly the information we needed” concludes Lone Attermann.

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