Since 2012, ag analytics has purposive helped PaperlinX to create transparency regarding customer satisfaction and to quantify the value of the customer base. The collaboration includes among others strategic customer analysis, global market analysis and evaluation of potential.

Strategic customer program

In the last five years, strategic customer analyses have helped PaperlinX to identify what really creates value and to point out areas for improvement in order to increase the customer experience. The wholesale industry struggles with high numbers of customer loss and decreased contribution margin. By increasing the focus on service and expertise instead of price, PaperlinX has gone from wholesales to service company.

  • Process of approval – To ensure transparency across hierarchies in the company, ag analytics has introduced a process of approval to validate the customer list. The responsible account manager see to approve those customers who will take part in the analysis
  • Hierarchy based notification system – If the customer analysis have got to have the necessary effect, it is essential that the responsible personnel are notified when there are new answers. This increases the account manager’s customer focus and provides valuable insights in your customers business.
  • Segmented sales effort – by including turnover and contribution margin on each customer, the analysis have created transparency about the customer base and highlights how customer experience effect the business
  • Strategic development – after carrying out interviews for around 80% of the business, there was a strong condition for creating the strategic agenda

The strategic customer program has given PaperlinX the following results:

  • By approving the customer list, PaperlinX has strengthen their overview of their customers cost-to-serve (visits from account managers, time consume) and expected potential
  • The customer program has become the foundation for strategic initiatives to ensure an even more customer oriented company
  • A clear segmentation of the customer base has helped PaperlinX to quantify the potential across segments and to prioritize actions with the biggest outcome

Global market analysis

ag analytics has also, in collaboration with PaperlinX, carried out global market analysis to understand customers need on an international level. The analysis was used to identify whether a buy up strategy could help PaperlinX to access new markets. By conducting in-depth interviews with attractive potential customers followed by a quantitative data collection, ag analytics was able to map the customers need across nations.

About PaperlinX

PaperlinX is a global market leader on graphic paper and the largest in Europe on Sign & Display. PaperlinX’s strategy is built on 3 areas: Graphic paper, sign and display-products and industrial packaging.

PaperlinX was founded in 1918, but back then it was called Christian Christensen & Co, or in short CC&CO. The company was owned by the family Christensen until 2000 who then sold it to the Dutch company Buhrmann.

In 2004 Australian PaperlinX Ltd. took over, who is one of the world’s leading paper wholesale dealers with 4.500 employees in 18 countries.

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