As brand loyalty dipped in the industry, customer retention became increasingly important for Peugeot in Denmark and Sweden. Keeping pace with the car industry’s highly competitive aftermarket was more important than ever. A collaboration with ag analytics resulted in Peugeot achieving – and maintaining – aftermarket leadership.

The market entry of micro cars, and their enormous popularity, increased the volume of Peugeot’s fleet but also resulted in decreased revenue. This meant that dealers’ earnings became more dependent on getting customers back for service, repair and maintenance. To keep customers, Peugeot dealers had to meet their expectations at every single visit.

Since 2011, ag analytics has delivered an application that enables Peugeot dealers to track, measure and follow up on customer experience. This constant focus on each visit has made Peugeot the market leader in the automotive aftermarket.

Constant focus on each visit has made Peugeot the market leader in the automotive aftermarket.


Peugeot has a hands-on management team with ambitious goals. Their strong focus on delivering an unrivaled customer experience at every visit has created a unique position for the brand in the aftermarket.

A satisfaction index of 91, based on more than 16,000 interviews in 2016 shows that Peugeot’s initiatives focused on specific business challenges have been a success. 73% of all customers who left a Peugeot workshop in 2016 are now ambassadors – that is, customers who not only are satisfied, but who also will use the workshop for future service and repairs and would recommend the dealer to others.

ag analytics provides a solution that gives Peugeot an advantage on the following parameters:

  • Customer retention to maximize potential: By focusing on customer loyalty to Peugeot in the aftermarket, the dealers establish a source of future earnings. It is essential to maintain customers in a cycle from car purchase to repeat workshop visits to – over time – new car purchase.
  • Maintain the price level: Being an authorized workshop is an obligation. Customers have very specific expectations when choosing Peugeot, and those expectations must be met to match the price level.
  • Differentiation as a trademark: Authorized workshops have various technical advantages for customers, but differentiation lies in the possibility of getting customers to experience these rational benefits as having greater value because of unique service. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a key differentiator in itself!
  • Efficient and optimal use of resources: By ensuring that existing customers are satisfied, Peugeot reduces the need for follow-up and the resource-intensive battle to recruit new customers. If they didn’t provide the right experience, they’d have to pour enormous resources into regaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, and salvaging their reputation.


What do dealers say?

Andersen & Martini
Peugeot in Ballerup, Denmark
The ag analytics dashboard is the best system I’ve worked with by far
At Andersen & Martini we work with Opel, Kia and Peugeot across 9 departments, and together with Peugeot Denmark, we have a superb overview of our Peugeot customers’ feedback. Customer experience means a lot for differentiation, so we want to know precisely which customer processes are most important and which customers we should follow up on. We work with customer experience in a far more targeted manner now and focus on a few selected customer processes, such as follow-up after sales and repeat repair. It also makes it much easier in relation to employees that our vision for customers isn’t just overarching but encompasses concrete processes that we’re working to improve every day. It works, and we can see that customer satisfaction is increasing.

The ag analytics dashboard is the best system I’ve worked with by far. Nobody’s looking for systems, but the ag analytics dashboard is really fast, user friendly and has the right focus.

Jesper Bjørn Hansen, Chief operating officer, Andersen & Martini

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Henrik Wessel
Peugeot in Amager,
Østerbro & Lyngby, Denmark
I would like to emphasize their professional approach to working with customer satisfaction
If I had to highlight something about our collaboration with ag analytics, it would especially be their professional approach to working with customer satisfaction, as well as the dashboard they have. ag analytics’ dashboard is unique – it can handle the depth of working with customer satisfaction while making it simple at the same time, which is part of why it’s become a big success for our company.
Henrik Wessel, CEO, Henrik Wessel AS

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Brian Madsen A/S
Peugeot in Slagelse & Ringsted,
We can use data to improve processes and employees
As a monobrand Peugeot dealer with departments in Slagelse and Ringsted, we have worked hard for many years to be the best within customer satisfaction.
We want to make sure our customers have a good experience every time and therefore return to our workshop or buy their next Peugeot at Brian Madsen.
We have a lot of confidence and trust in our CSI numbers in our daily work, which means we use data from the dashboard and interviews to improve our processes.
We actively use all feedback on sales and service. All customers who are not very satisfied get extra follow-up, so we’re sure that everything is as it should be.

Throughout the years, we have found that ag analytics has been very accessible and flexible, so that today we have a system and process that supports us as a dealer.

Pernille Yde Keinicke, Administration, Brian Madsen A/S

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