PolyPeptide Laboratories

Trust is the big key word at PolyPeptide laboratory’s customer relation, and it is crucial that the company constantly the finger on the pulse in relation to market and customer needs. This is a central role in the collaboration with ag analytics.

PolyPeptide has their headquarters in Hillerød and production facilities in five countries, and it is the world’s second biggest supplier of protein syntheses to the medical industry.

PolyPeptide lives of long term customer relations that build on a high account of trust. Our customers in the medical industry are met with very strict demands from authorities, and it can take several years from a product is developed until it reaches the market due to the vast amount of test and approval. And when our products function as an element in our customer’s product, it is crucial that we deliver the right article with the right documentation. If we do not manage our part of the delivery, it can get enormous financial consequences for our customers. At PolyPeptide we therefore have a lot of employees in support functions that work close with our customers”, says Jan Christensen, sales director at PolyPeptide.

In collaboration with ag analytics, we have put measurements in system. This ensures that we continuously can identify which areas we concretely need to act on”, says Jan Christensen. “The analyses help us to allocate our resources, and there is a direct connection between that and the bottom line”.



PolyPeptide Group is an order producing organization for peptides and peptide related molecules.

The group is one of the world’s largest independent contract producers of therapeutic peptides to cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinarian markets. PolyPeptide Group deploys more than 450 people in six production facilities in France, India, Scandinavia and The US.

PolyPeptide Group manufacture a third of all approved peptide medicaments (22 out of 62 approved products in the world), and account for more than 25% of the sale of outsourced peptide medicaments in the world.

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