Porsche Denmark

Although Porsche Denmark is the exclusive distributor of Porsche in Denmark, and Porsche is the ultimate dream car for many people, competition within the lucrative luxury car market in Denmark has intensified – thanks to attractive leasing opportunities and imports via other countries. The dealer’s battle: to be perceived as the right “Porsche Approved” choice and to differentiate itself through best-in-class sales and service experiences. The strategic partner: ag analytics, whom Porsche Denmark has chosen to raise customer experience to the next level.

Like all companies, Porsche has significant focus on sales. But initial analyses show great potential to make delivery and follow-up something special – precisely the processes that drive loyalty. That is, customer feedback should measure not only overall scores, but also the specific processes that ensure the customer returns to the workshop and purchases his or her next car at Porsche Denmark.

Together with Porsche Denmark, ag analytics has recommended critical customer processes and designed customer survey on sales and service. ag analytics is also contributing with the CEM dashboard and action management solution.

See below examples, which illustrates how proces and system helps the indiviual sales and serviceperson. Alerts, individual answers and status is pushed automatically to the individual with a clear indication on what to improve.