Rheinzink wanted to combine market and customer research to give their marketing and sales department the necessary knowledge and tools to adjust their strategy and navigate in a fiercely competitive market.

But what do customers say? At Rheinzink, the marketing department wanted a better understanding of plumbers’ preferences when they buy guttering and zinc for building facades and roofing. The company from Brabrand near Århus also wanted to test customer satisfaction, and find out how they were perceived in the market for zinc building materials. Marketing coordinator Louise Bruun Kristensen contacted ag analytics to carry out market research.

It is important that we listen to the market rather than relying on our own guesswork. Reliable knowledge is a prerequisite for developing our business in the right direction,” she says.

Strong on technical documentation

In the market research, the company chose to combine in-depth interviews with more extensive quantitative analysis. The project started with in-depth interviews with ten key customers. This qualitative analysis was followed by quantitative analysis consisting of telephone interviews with a total of 300 plumbers.

The Rheinzink company is part of the Grillo business, which has its headquarters in Germany. The subsidiary in Denmark has never previously asked plumbers about their opinions. Current and potential customers were positive about taking part in the survey, and there was a high response rate.

The market research shows, that plumbers associated Rheinzink with high quality. It also confirmed the correctness of their strategy of differentiation using technical documentation, as plumbers emphasized the importance of technical specifications. This gave Rheinzink a clear competitive edge.

Tangible for the sales team

The results showed a marginal preference for Rheinzink. We have the highest total level of customer satisfaction. This is a definite plus when we see how competitive the zinc market is in Denmark. It has confirmed that we are doing the right thing. We just need to be sharper in our messaging, which needs a bit of fine tuning,” explains Louise Bruun Kristensen.

The marketing department has received all the analysis data from ag analytics. Louise Bruun Kristensen is now working on cross tabulation and further segmentation of the data. For example, she can see if the respondents are loyal ambassadors for the company or disloyal deserters. This makes the research more tangible for the sales people, who use the information to make their sales work more exact. Repeating the analysis in a few years would show Rheinzink whether and how the company has improved.

“ag analytics was the supplier with the greatest understanding of the challenges we faced and Poul Røpke who carried out the interviews really went into detail. The market research has given us much greater certainty and a better foundation for making decisions,” concluded marketing coordinator Louise Bruun Kristensen from Rheinzink.

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