Viasat is a company who constantly strive to better their customer service. That’s why they have an on-going need for current and concrete knowledge of their customer’s experience.

At Viasat they have a constant focus on optimizing their service to customers. And being in a business where development is extremely fast, you also have a need of being constantly updated with current knowledge on how customers experience your service.

We constantly want to strengthen our business, and therefore we have a need to know what customer’s think of what we do and how we do it. We can have a lot of ideas to new initiatives, but it is necessary to measure whether it actually makes a difference for customers”, say Kasper Hyttel from Viasat.

It is through the analyses, we can track the effect of those initiatives we put in motion and ensure that we are doing the right things. And we can see it pays off. We gain more satisfied customers, less regretted purchases, fewer customers that leave us, and we can achieve a visual effect on the general customer satisfaction”, concludes Kasper Hyttel.


Viasat is a television distribution channel. Viasat is owned by the international media group Modern Times Group AB (MTG), who is quoted on the Swedish stock exchange Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. MTG has activities on six continents and includes advertising financed television channels, payment television, radio, and production companies.  In Scandinavia and the Baltics, MTG is the largest operator within both advertising financed and payment television.


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