When a company sells its product through dealers, knowledge about what end users think is important and their perception of your brand, doesn’t come on its own. ag analytics helps Vikan to obtain that knowledge.

Vikan produces hygienic tools and solutions to professional cleaners. The headquarters and most of the production are based in Skive, and in addition, Vikan have departments in a number of European countries. Like all companies who operate with a dealer side, Vikan has a challenge with collecting knowledge of what takes place at the end users.

ag analytics helps Vikan to gain a deeper understanding of their brands position at the customer end. “We need to know how the Vikan brand is perceived out there on the different markets, what position we have in relation to our competition and how our message should be in the future in our communication. The dealer’s feedback is often about customers’ expectations of prices. We need to know whether price is the whole story and how customers look at some of the other parameters, who we think is important”, says Marianne Houmann Jensen, Brand manager at Vikan.

Vikan has a very strong brand around the world. Price level is important, but research show that customers value quality and knowledge even more. There are some very skilled specialists in customer companies. Sparring from us on the hygienic area is very valuable for them. We enhance this focus that corresponds with our current strategy. We are on the right path and are able to base out initiatives on facts”, states Marianne Houmann Jensen.



Vikan is one of the world’s leading producers of highly hygienic cleaning equipment’s. The main part of their products is manufactured in Denmark, in Skive where the company since 1898 has had its headquarters.

Vikan also has production in Estonia and furthermore, they have subsidiaries in Sweden, England, France and Germany.

Vikan deploys around 225 people.

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