At Wolseley they have no doubt about the fact that their employee’s drives the success of their business. Wolseley collaborates with ag analytics on employee surveys for its hardware store chains in several European countries. Wolseley is the global company behind a large range of hardware stores in several countries around the world. Most of them are B2b companies who deliver building materials to contractors and craftsmen. But in Denmark, the business is also to a large extent B2C, and we all know Wolseley even though we might not are aware of it, because the company owns both Silvan and Stark.

Among other things, Wolseley has gained larger insights on the following:

  • What drives, apart from salary, the engagement of employees?
  • What is important for employee engagement in different countries?

Our company’s success rest upon the relation our employees create with customers. Employee engagement is therefore completely central: The more engaged they are the better relations and finally, a better business for the entire organization. On that account, we didn’t want to do a classic survey on employee engagement, but rather try to locate the root of what drives the employee’s engagement”, tells Tobias Roser, HR Director for Wolseley in Central Europe.

We know that it isn’t just salaries that are the motivating factor. A large range of things have a hand in it and we need to know to what extent the different factors matter to our employees in different countries”, says Tobias Roser.

We already operate on a high level for employee satisfaction. Our score is about 75-80%. But there is always room for improvement. The analysis helps us to organize our HR strategy so the commendable people stay in the company and we continuously attract the right people to our business”, conclude Tobias Roser.



Wolseley is the worlds largest distributer and supplier within plumbing and heating and building materials. The group has about 50.000 dealers and 1 million customers and employ 39.000 people dispersed on 2.900 units the world over. The main office is placed in Switzerland.

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