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Over the past few years, we have experienced how the pandemic has further accelerated the disruptive transition the automotive industry was already in the midst of.

The necessity to stay close from a distance, along with serious side consequences like a global semiconductor shortage, pushed the industry to adopt new solutions quickly in an effort to face such transformation. In this report, we conclude 2021 by taking the pulse of some of these initiatives, giving you clear insights on how to take on 2022.

For this study, we’ve collected 357,705 interviews along the whole customer journey, ranging from online interaction, test drives, lost offers, new car sales, used car sales and service visits.

Insight #1: Strong potential for prioritizing CX in the used-car market

When it comes to the experience of buying a brand-new vehicle compared to a pre-owned vehicle, the anticipation of the customer experience can be different. However, it is harder to argue that there should be any differences in the satisfaction of the actual services provided to fulfill the customers’ needs.

When analyzing the Nordic automotive market, new car sales score a total satisfaction of 4.74 out of 5, compared to the more modest 4.49 for used cars. Again, although the expectation of the experience might be different, there is an obvious gap in the dealer’s ability to meet the desires of used-car customers.

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