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How Mercedes-Benz CPH tracks booking conversion in real time to enhance aftersales enablement



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In the competitive world of car dealerships, efficiency and customer experience are everything. Mercedes-Benz CPH, a leading dealership group in Denmark, understood this well. Their previous way of managing aftersales leads, reliant on manual processes and tedious Excel sheets, created bottlenecks and resulted in unqualified leads.

This all changed with the introduction of Autoflows, which leverages the direct integration with the Keyloop DMS to track booking conversion in real time and help Mercedes-Benz CPH:

  • Shift from cumbersome spreadsheets to prioritised lists of customers to call
  • Minimise online booking dropout
  • Achieve a 10% increase in qualified leads
  • Help their customers navigate a complex booking process

From tedious spreadsheets to streamlined automation

“Before, we worked in another system where our call centre had to download Excel sheets and different call lists every day, which took a lot of time,” says Alexander Bastiansen, CRM Marketer at Mercedes-Benz CPH. “Our call centre also had to rank the leads so they could reach out to the most qualified ones first.”

This time-consuming process meant agents were calling prospects who weren’t necessarily sales-ready.

Autoflows revolutionised this process, eliminating the need for manual list creation, automatically identifying and prioritising leads based on their interactions with the service reminders sent automatically by Autoflows. This targeted approach ensured agents were connecting with customers who had already expressed interest, significantly improving lead quality.

Benefits beyond efficiency: Increased leads and happier customers

The impact of Autoflows went far beyond streamlining internal processes. Mercedes-Benz CPH experienced a remarkable 10% increase in qualified leads. Alexander Bastiansen adds, “We have also experienced that the leads are way more qualified than before because we have customers reaching out by interacting with our emails saying ‘Yes, we want to book a service, and we want a new pair of windscreen wipers while we have our service visit.’”

Additionally, with faster call list completion, Mercedes-Benz CPH was able to optimise their call centre structure, freeing up resources for other areas.

But the benefits extended beyond the dealership. Autoflows facilitated a smoother customer journey by consolidating communication needs into single calls. No more being contacted multiple times for different services. “Instead of calling the same customer multiple times, we can say ‘Okay, with this customer we have to talk about warranty extension and a service visit’ so we can collect all that information into one call.” says Alexander.

Helping customers navigate a complex booking process

One additional benefit of Autoflows was its ability to address a common customer pain point: the complexity of the Mercedes-Benz booking system. “Our system – the Mercedes-owned booking system can be really complicated for people,” explains Alexander. “Especially when booking a service, our customers don’t know if it’s an A1 or an A7…”

Autoflows empowered agents to follow up with customers who abandoned their online bookings, significantly reducing online booking dropout. “In that way, Autoflows has helped us a lot by being able to call the customers and say ‘We can see you didn’t you complete your booking? Can we help you?’” says Alexander. “In most cases customers just got confused or distracted.”

Data-driven decisions for a winning strategy

Autoflows provided Mercedes-Benz CPH with another valuable asset: data. Thanks to Autoflows, Mercedes-Benz CPH is able to consolidate customer history insights, including previous car purchases and order turnover, into one centralised location. “We have all the customer history, from previous cars, order turnover, and revenue from that specific customer” Alexander adds. This wealth of information empowered Mercedes-Benz CPH to make data-driven decisions and develop targeted sales strategies.

The Mercedes-Benz CPH story is a testament to the power of Autoflows to streamline aftersales lead management, improve customer experience, and ultimately drive sales and aftersales performance. Contact us to learn how to start a Proof of Concept (PoC) with a 60-day money back guarantee.