Implementing client feedback throughout the organization

A story about how to excel in the pharmaceutical industry

Throughout the past four years, NNE has used ag analytics to systematically evaluate project performance and strategic customer relations. By implementing continuous project evaluations and yearly customer programs, customer feedback has become an integrated part of NNE’s performance culture.

How to excel in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are operating in high-risk industries where fluctuating demands and individual R&D projects often can make or break their business. Providing their customers with quality solutions and consistent deliveries helps customers meet fluctuating market demands. With increasing uncertainty and changing external requirements, NNE aims to be the constant with effective and market leading engineering solutions.

Internal data provides a lot of information on current, past and future performance. However, internal data can only measure one side of the story. When internal standards are unaligned with customer perception, then internal performance measurements will provide a false sense of achievement.

NNE has acknowledged the need for a greater customer focus and implemented two important programs in order to identify the ideal customer experience and key improvement areas: Project End Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The feedback provides us with advantageous insight about our customers’ perceptions of NNE and their overall experience with us. It will support our journey towards truly understanding our customers’ needs, which is a prerequisite for building trust-based relationships.

image of Annual Report

NNE Annual Report 2014

Project End Survey
Continuous learnings and insights

In addition to the yearly customer satisfaction survey, NNE collects monthly feedback from all finished projects. In total, NNE has received feedback on 1,000 projects since 2013. Continuous feedback has given NNE the ability to obtain valuable customer insight on a day-to-day basis.

Sample approval – To ensure full transparency and inclusion of frontline personnel, project managers are to approve and validate all project and contact details of all newly finished projects each month.

Real-time data collection – After approving newly finished projects, customers receive a personal survey in order to obtain feedback on specific project performance.

Notifications – Project and account managers receive real-time feedback on new project evaluations. All project evaluations are always available in PDF format or directly in ag analytics’ online Dashboard solution.

Action management – To ensure all projects are meeting their high standards, alerts are sent to all responsible personnel should a project receive negative feedback. The feedback enables the management team to act swiftly and ensure that the project gets back on track.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Understanding the needs of the decision makers

The first step was to identify how NNE was performing as seen through the eyes of the customer. In 2012, the first yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted to help NNE identify current performance and key improvement areas. The Customer Satisfaction Survey included web-based, phone- and face-to-face interviews with key customers, and a strategic presentation of results. In total, ag analytics have conducted 750 interviews with some of the key decisions makers in the biggest pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies to help NNE understand what really matters in the industry.

Analyzing and applying results to regional business areas ensured effective communication of key findings and improvement areas. NNE has received more than 20 analyses to help identify customer preferences across regions, countries and customer profiles.

A key indicator of customer satisfaction is the “share of ambassadors” (customers with a strong loyalty profile and high satisfaction). The share of ambassadors has become a strategic target at NNE to ensure a customer-oriented approach across the whole organization.

About NNE

NNE is an engineering company specialized in the pharma & biotech industry and consists of 2,000 employees across 15 different countries.

NNE operates with some of the most prominent pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. In 1991, NNE demerged from Novo Nordisk as an independent company and is today recognized as one of the leading engineering companies in the industry.

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