Strategic customer orientation programs bring Semler Agro closer to agriculture

Creating value for the individual farm in a changing environment

As Danish agriculture is changing, Semler Agro, Denmark’s largest John Deere dealer, is focusing on creating value for the individual farm. But it’s not just about horsepower and technology. It’s also about understanding each and every relationship.

Semler Agro’s declared goal is to become the best partner in agriculture. It’s not just a goal formulated in a strategy; it’s a goal Semler Agro has to deliver on by lifting customer experience to the next level. That’s why Semler Agro is entering into a long-term partnership with ag analytics to systematically track customers, including analyses, workshops and customer experience application.

As Denmark’s largest dealer of quality machines from John Deere (with 10 departments, 85 service vehicles, a Solution Center and more than 210 employees), Semler Agro is an important partner to Danish agriculture. But to become the best partner in agriculture, Semler Agro needs to more closely understand the farmer’s challenges, thereby creating value for the individual farm, so they can focus on what they are good at.

With my background in the automotive industry, I knew that being able to ‘deliver the goods’ in the aftermarket is important to customers – but in this industry, it’s not just important: it’s absolutely imperative! When we ask our customers, the feedback is that the most important thing for them is a strong partner who can deliver when they need assistance. Downtime is equal to lost working profit, and in this industry the window for production is often very narrow due to the elements.

image of Morten Buus

Morten Buus

However, the market shows that the battle can’t be won solely on parameters such as technology and branding. Therefore, ag analytics has designed a customer orientation program that differentiates Semler Agro on Commercial Services, first and foremost by focusing on relationships – the customer experience. The main points of the long-term partnership from this perspective involve analyzing relationships to be able to identify and clarify core processes and pinpoint must-win battles.

Best-in-class service. Every time.

Because the most important differentiator for Semler Agro is delivering Best-in-Class service, it’s not only a matter of measuring scores, but also helping Semler Agro design good and targeted initiatives that raise the service level. And with a proactive service organization that focuses on following up service and the purchase of spare parts, Semler Agro will become the best partner for the individual farm.

Using customer satisfaction as a tool to improve workflows and processes is simply common sense. High customer satisfaction equals high loyalty, which is good business!

Morten Buus

ag analytics delivers a comprehensive solution for systematic customer tracking

For Semler Agro, the value-creating collaboration will result in the lowest level of the basic customer processes being significantly elevated. Specific initiatives ensure that all frontline employees know what to do to improve, from focus on reviewing deliveries to following up on service:

  • Identification of the business case for customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of relationships and must-win battles
  • Identification and clarification of core processes
  • Design of targeted customer follow-up initiatives
  • Workshop and kick-off for all service staff
  • Implementation of customer experience application
  • Continuous follow-up on service and purchase of spare parts

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