Everybody knows that the Customer Experience is the heart of the business – but what is the actual impact?

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Transforming your competitors’ strengths to your own, strengthens your position in the market significantly.

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A new extensive study from ag analytics investigates and maps how HR in Denmark acts according to data.

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Customer Retention Programs in B2B

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ag analytics helps ensure relevancy, precision and direction when it comes to data and analysis, such that companies can improve profitability and maximize their growth potential.

ag analytics specializes in strategy, data mining, statistics, advanced survey methods and anthropology. Our approach is based on a well-defined and tested set of values.

  • Differentiation
    For an analysis to be relevant, it must be based on deeper value creation and focus on why the company is perceived unique.
  • Potential, assessment and maximization
    We map the potential for markets, employees and customer segments.
  • Exploitation and availability of data
    Data is available in large quantities in most companies, but usually the data is not linked and composed in such manner that it becomes useful.
  • Financial documentation and validation
    Financial validation and link to the business case are crucial success criteria.

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Customer strategies

How does an improvement of customer experience effect the bottom line? What is the business case in terms of i.e. extra employments in customer service? Are the employees working in frontline familiar with the customers’ experiences?

Despite good intentions many big companies are still in an early stage regarding their customer strategies.

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Employee strategies

To be acknowledged as a trusted business partner HR must be able to document the effect of their investments.

How far is your company in documenting the value of HR?

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Market strategies

What are the financial consequences of the business’ decisions? How big is the potential? How does the market react to your brand? Does the marketing effort generate a satisfying yield?

Complex market structures and competition increase the need of qualified information in the decision-making process. When the decision-making process is strengthened, the risk of making bad decisions is reduced.

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