Everybody knows that the Customer Experience is the heart of the business – but what is the actual impact?

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By transforming your competitors’ strengths into your own, your market position is significantly strengthened

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A new extensive study from ag analytics investigates and maps how HR in Denmark acts according to data.

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Empowering retention strategies in the age of the customer

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ag analytics helps ensure relevancy, precision, and direction when it comes to data and analysis’, such that companies can improve profitability and maximize their growth potential.

ag analytics are specialists in strategy, datamining, statistics, advanced surveymethods, and anthropology. Our approach builds upon a clear and tested value proposition.

  • Differentiation
    To be relevant, any analysis must have roots in the deeper value creation as well as why the company is perceived unique.
  • Potential estimation and maximization
    We map the potential for the market, your employees and customersegments.
  • Exploitation and availability of data
    Large amounts of data are available in most companies. But usually, they are not linked and presented, so they create value.
  • Financial documentation and validation
    Financial validation and linkage to the business case are crucial criterias for success.

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Customer strategy

What is the effect on the bottom-line, of an improvement of the customer experience? What is the business case of hiring more staff in customer service? Does every single employee know, what the customer experience?

Despite their good intentions, many big companies are still at an early stage of development regarding their customer strategies.

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Employee research

To be considered a trusted business partner, HR needs to be able to document the effect of their investments.

How far is your company with regards to documenting the effect of HR?

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Market strategies

What is the financial impact of your decisions? Are you unleashing the full potential in the market? How does the market respond to your brand? Are you getting the optimal return on your marketing investments? How can your product achieve a larger share of market potential?

Complex market structures and competition makes the need of an informed decisiontaking even higher. By strengthening the foundation of every decision, you reduce the risk of doing it wrong.

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