5 marts, 2019

The hidden fact of why Customer Experience matters

11 februar, 2019

ag analytics gained traction in the Danish automotive industry in 2018: Market share of 49%

8 februar, 2019

Do not bet on Big Data for Big Growth

2 februar, 2019

Common sense - not common practice

1 februar, 2019

ag analytics featured in the leading business newspaper Børsen: "Digital tool fosters customer-centricity"

31 januar, 2019

Welcome to KIA Import Danmark AS. We are looking forward to help the dealers and KIA Denmark reach new higher Customer Experience (CX) goals.

25 januar, 2019

Takk til Audi Norge for en spennende pilotprosjekt med Møller Bil - Ensjø og Erik Arnesen - Bryn.

7 februar, 2018

Thank you for a great bootcamp! Yesterday we kicked off CEM 2019 together with the Danish field force of Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

5 januar, 2019

We helped Porsche Danmark design a CEM program that matches their ambitious goals

18 november, 2018

Integrating CUSTOMER INSIGHT throughout the company

16 november, 2018

When measuring your customer experience, an overall satisfaction score provides you with a diagnosis - but

12 november, 2018

Customer Experience Management (CEM) needs to be more than just an overall satisfaction score

10 oktober, 2018

We are growing strong in the automotive segment with new markets and new brands.

13 september, 2018

The reason why listening to customers increases sales

23 august, 2018

Successful Product Launch

27 juli, 2018

Nordic Automotive Insight Survey

2 juli, 2018

What defines the winners of the automotive revolution?

13 juni, 2018

Dealers need to be closer to customers

17 januar, 2018

Tack till Engströms Bil, Audi Helsingborg och Svenstigs för erat bidrag till Audi CEM Pilot.

4 maj, 2017

Action Management

19 maj, 2018

Process Prioritization

19 maj, 2018

Online Reputation Management

18 maj, 2017

Automotive analytics

15 februar, 2017

ag analytics in Germany

24 februar, 2017

A Proven Process for Reducing and Preventing Customer Churn in B2B

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