From Analysegruppen til to analytics

Changing the company name from Analysegruppen to ag analytics marks our relaunch as a strong Danish company ready to exploit our full international potential.

Over the last couple of years, we have invested heavily in developing competencies and technology. These investments will help us become leaders within potential estimates in relation to customers, employee and market strategies today and in the future.

Our wok with data and analyses always results in action-oriented conclusions and recommendations that can elevate our customers’ business. We work with companies that include Peugeot, NNE Pharmaplan, Stark, Sivan, Wolseley, DLG, Danish Agro, Coop Trading, Aller Media, and many others.

ag analytics helps to ensure relevance, precision and direction in relation to data and analyses, so our customers can enhance their revenue and effectively exploit their growth potential.

We base our work on the following set of values:

To be relevant, an analysis must start with the deeper-rooted creation of value. That is why we always start by examining what creates value for your customers and employees, as well as why your company is perceived as unique: What exactly do customers not get, if they choose your competitor?

Potential estimate and maximization
We map the potential for markets, employees, and customers segments. As a result, decisions and prioritization in investments and actions can be based on facts, right down to 1-1 level.

Exploitation and accessibility of data
In most companies, data exist in large quantities. But usually data are not linked or grouped to provide any sense. Our flexible dashboard application ensures that results are easy to access across complex hierarchies.

Financial documentation and validation
Financial validation and link to the business case are critical criteria for success.

ag analytics is a promise of thoroughly prepared concepts and solutions that work. We own technology and competencies, so we can challenge and disrupt even very large setups with complex hierarchies and several business units.

We look forward to showing you how we can contribute to taking your business to the next level.