How to effectively communicate customer insights

It is a complex discipline to drive customer centricity and getting an in-depth understanding of the business, when working with advanced hierarchies. How should we act upon customer intelligence and turn that into effective plans of action? We often see an under-invested discipline, when communication the results of the customer programs.

Choosing the right channel of communication

Our goal is to ensure that the gained insights reach every part of the organization. To do so, the right communication must be used. This can come in many forms, but the main point is that you need to communicate insights effectively across the whole organization to succeed with acting and delivering on data and insights – from top management to the frontline employees.

Figure 1: Means of communication


Example of infographic: Unlocking the relational potential in a B2B business

Our analysis was using a combination of their current customer base’ financial information and the ongoing Customer Experience program:

Figure 2: Customer Experience Program


By combining data sources, we were able to estimate the relational potential in the current customer base.

Empowering retention strategies in the age of the customer

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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty are crucial parameters. This is also the case for Peugeot.

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