How to strengthen communication in Engagement Survey Programs

Communication is a key factor for driving more meaningfulness in an Engagement Program. If done right, your employees will feel, see, and experience that their voice is important, thus you have a come a long way. We challenge our customers to go beyond the formal thank you letter and include infographics to support and underline results.

Managing and driving value out of Engagement Survey Programs can be a complex discipline. From designing an actionable questionnaire, validating the full contact list, running a safe data collection process, linking data to other sources and delivering reports, dashboards, and presentation across a complex hierarchy. In this process, we experience that communication to own employees often are under invested.

Go beyond the formal thank you letter and communicate with infographics to support frontline meaningfulness.

Below you see some examples on how to strengthen the communication around Employee Engagement Surveys:

Figure 1: Communicating Employee Engagement findings


Figure 2: Means of communication



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