Online Reputation Management

The research process for the average car shopper begins on a search engine or review site before reaching the manufacturer’s site. Search engine results become the car dealer’s first interaction with the customer. That makes it essential to stand out on digital touchpoints to influence the customer in the decision-making process.


Most car buyers are undecided when they start car shopping. They consider multiple brands, various models and different financing options. By the time they actually reach the dealership, they know which car they want to purchase. In fact, the average car shopper makes just two dealership visits before deciding on which car to purchase. This moves most of the decision-making process and opportunities to influence shoppers to online touchpoints – which creates a window of opportunity for automotive importers, manufacturers and dealers who actively use both mobile and digital channels to target customers.


Why we recommend Google Ratings for the automotive industry

Google is the perfect channel for establishing online awareness and digital differentiation, as it leverages the world’s biggest search engine and review site – Google Ratings:

  • Ratings are assigned to the individual shop/dealership
  • Ratings are always shown on the search results page – whether the search is for brand, location or specific dealer
  • Number of ratings affects the placement on the search results page (SEO)
  • Ratings are implemented in Google Maps and shown when customers ask for directions or use the “search nearby” function


Best practice:




Change doesn’t happen because you measure – change happens when frontline exactly knows what to improve and when frontline commits to improving the customer processes.

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Action Management

Frontline employees can’t use an overall customer experience measurement to create more effective customer interactions. They need personalized, relevant data that’s pushed at the right time.

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Automotive analytics initiatives enhance how automotive manufacturers and dealers engage with customers by turning data into operational advantages.

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