Process Prioritization

The problem automotive importers, dealers and manufacturers face is the gap between their vision for the customer experience and actual frontline execution. Change and improvement happen when your frontline knows exactly what to prioritize and how they’re performing at all times.


At ag analytics we work extensively with identifying and prioritizing the most important processes. This enables us to pinpoint exactly what to improve and to document the return on investment of our initiatives. We ensure continuous evaluation of touchpoints by setting up an infrastructure that delivers relevant, real-time feedback to the right individuals (Action Management).


Case: Do you know which processes throughout the customer journey you need to improve?


Overall ratings and questions such as “would you recommend us?” and “how satisfied are you?” reflect the sum of all customer interactions. But if you don’t know the underlying customer journey and key drivers, it’s very difficult to improve. The case below illustrates the difference between measuring the overall experience and analyzing the key drivers to improve customer experience.
First we look at all interactions and determine:

  • How did we reach this level of customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • What was required at the different touchpoints to achieve this level?
  • Which processes were most important to retain customers and ensure they return to the workshop for service visits and repairs?


Instead of just measuring the overall customer experience, we can discuss and facilitate:

  • How to improve the handover of the car.
  • How to introduce the workshop within the sales process, and train salespeople accordingly
  • How to structure a follow-up plan for salespeople


When we improve the right processes, we impact the overall customer experience:



Action Management

Frontline employees can’t use an overall customer experience measurement to create more effective customer interactions. They need personalized, relevant data that’s pushed at the right time.

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