Market analysis and strategies
Advertisement Evaluation

The aim of advertising and communication tests – including pre- and post-testing – are to ensure that advertising is effective and reaching its target group. Has the consumer been able to link the advertisement with the brand, and has it increased the purchasing interest?

Within advertising and communication, we primarily work with two products, Movie & Advertising evaluation and Ongoing tracking of marketing investment.

Movie and advertisement evaluation

When analyzing ads, we look at a range of factors:

  • Campaign impact
  • Unprompted understanding of message
  • Ad liking
  • Attitude
  • Relevance
  • Purchase intention

Our system of analysis evaluates your communication and recommends how it can be optimized to ensure an increased return on your marketing investment.

However, we do not just build on quantitative dimensions, but we also use a qualitative approach. We work with a range of open questions which test the communication strategy and provide relevant input for areas of improvement. ag analytics also have an extensive database that makes it possible to benchmark your communication in relation to previous tests.

Tracking of marketing investments

Our advertising tracking system gives advertisers the opportunity to control and optimize their marketing investment in the short-term.

We monitor if the communication strategy;

  • gets through to the consumer
  • communicates the most important messages about the brand and the product
  • links the messages to the right target groups so that the advertising can position the brand and strengthen its relation to consumers

This allows you to get answers to the following vital questions:

  • Is our budget too large or too small?
  • Have we allocated our budget optimally to the different media groups?
  • Which media strategy works best – continual, flighting or bursts?
  • Should we combine executions or run one at a time?
  • Is our message getting through to the target group?
  • Are we communicating our brand effectively or creating generic advertising?
  • How effective is our competitors’ advertising?
  • When will our advertising become worn out?

Advertisement Evaluation