Independent workshops

Automated invitations are good business and common sense

Autoflows by ag analytics helps independent workshops retain their customers. Autoflows scans repair orders to identify which customers should be invited back to the workshop. Identified customers are sent an automatic customer invitation via email or SMS when it’s time for their next maintenance, vehicles inspection or tire change visit.

But that’s not all. Autoflows gives workshops a clear overview of which customers are responding to your invitations. This way, you can easily follow-up with those who still have to book their next visit.

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Out with the old, in with the new


  • Lack of overview over your customers
  • Manual customer invitations (if any)
  • Lack of overview of your key figures


  • Daily invitations and transparency around your customers
  • More online bookings and fewer incoming calls
  • One click to your key figures

Success stories


How Bennings Biler streamlines workshop operations with Autoflows

Interview with Bennings Biler’s owner Benjamin Benning (Denmark)


Towards a more systematic routine for service invitations

Interview with Henning Christiansen, Owner of Klosterbiler (Løgumkloster, Denmark)


Gaining control over your workshop customers

Interview with Jakob Kahr, Owner of Kvik Center Randers (Denmark)

We did not have a continuous fixed routine for service invitations. As a result, it often became something very manual and sporadic, where we are guaranteed to have lost some customers along the way.

image of Henning Christiansen

Henning Christiansen
Independent AutoMester workshop (Løgumkloster, Denmark)

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Transparency and clarity are key to develop your business

That is why Autoflows by ag analytics also structures your workshop data, so you can see with a single click your turnover, wages, spare parts and much more.

And all data comes from your invoices, so you don’t have to do anything more than what you already do today.

I would definitely recommend Autoflows to other workshops, primarily because of the invitation system, the time savings and the online booking.

image of Jakob Kahr

Jakob Kahr
Kvik Center
Independent Din Bilpartner workshop (Randers, Denmark)

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