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Prediction: The future of CX in Automotive

As the number of digital touchpoints in the automotive customer journey increases, customers place a higher importance....

Leveraging NLP with language models like GPT in the Automotive industry

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a game-changer for the automotive industry, providing companies with the ability...

Improving the Customer Experience through Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has in the last couple of years become a key driver of business success. Highly engaged employees feel...

Implementing strategy and reducing organizational complexity

We keep hearing it, it is the struggle that most automotive brands face and a significant hindrance when reducing organizational...

Leading Behavioral Change

A 4-step guide on how to lead behavioral change that will enable every organization to accelerate their performance...

COVID-19: Striking back with data-driven initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to result in an immense downturn on the automotive sector, however we believe in a data-driven...

Silo experiences are jeopardizing customer retention

The automotive industry is changing. Rapidly. Breaking silos down will mitigate the effects of the automotive transformation...

Transforming that one-time buyer into a lifetime customer

Here are our most valuable takeaways on how to take on the challenges that dealerships face every day in the aftermarket...

VW case study: Value proposition testing with conjoint analysis

Every great innovation starts with discovery and exploration. But when you start exploring a new business idea, whether...

What Can You Do About Lost Customers?

Losing customers is never pleasant. You’ve probably experienced it before; a customer canceling her subscription, choosing...

Tesla case study: Competing on Business Models — Not products

Many companies fill the Business Model Canvas out as a checklist and pay no attention to how it is evolving. What you really...

What product-centered anxiety means for your business

Getting potential customers to buy your product or service can sometimes be an enduring battle. It’s common to look at...

HILTI case study: How to kickstart growth in mature markets

Some time ago, HILTI was facing a challenge that could potentially put them out of business. They asked themselves: “We make...

What really matters in the automotive customer journey

A new, comprehensive study has validated what we have learned through our many years of experience working with the...

What defines the winners of the automotive revolution?

The traditional automotive industry is changing. Four accelerating and mutually reinforcing trends pose a significant...

You Don’t Design Customers, You Understand Them

42% of startups die because they seek to tackle problems that are interesting rather than those that serve an existing...

Predictive analytics: The case of customer retention

As markets mature, the ability to retain customers becomes vital to sustaining a profitable business. Thus, a key challenge...

Job Theory: The theoretical foundation of predictable growth

Organizations around the world have devoted countless resources to the challenge of innovation through the years. Companies...

The hidden reason why customer experience matters

Improving customer experience from good to great increases average customer lifetime value by 54%. A massive financial...


Five steps to kickstart your digital aftersales journey

The ultimate guide to retaining automotive customers and minimizing declining revenues with AI and your Keyloop DMS data.

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Five automotive insights that will boost your CX scores

Learn how to capitalize on the latest automotive trends to maximize your customer experience scores.

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What really matters in the automotive customer journey

There is a huge unmet potential lying in the details which really matter. To unlock this potential, one must guide the automotive employees on which customer touch points to prioritize. In this research paper, we present the most important pain points and recommended actions.

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Stay informed about new trends in automotive