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Stop worrying about audience lists

Most email marketing services help you design emails. But the real struggle is sending those emails to the right customers.

Autoflows Marketing helps you reach the right customers with targeted marketing every time. It does so by using the repair orders stored in your DMS. That way, your audiences are updated in real time based on order data, and you avoid spending money and resources on old and inactive customers.

With Autoflows Marketing we can easily communicate with our customers and keep track of open and click rates.

The best part is that we save both time and money on marketing activities sourced through external providers.

image of Ole Lundgaard

Ole Lundgaard
Owner/Head of Sales
Fjord-Frandsen Biler

Engaging aftersales customers has never been easier



Extract email addresses from the DMS


Remove old and invalid emails


Remove customers that haven’t given consent


Keep track of car ownership changes



Audience lists updated in real time based on DMS data


Only engage active customers based on order history


Real-time tracking of marketing permissions


Automatic tracking of ownership changes


Email marketing best practices
for car dealerships

Autoflows Marketing connects to your DMS to turn your repair orders into marketing audiences updated in real time – which you can segment, filter and target in your campaigns.


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Ensure your lists are up to date

To make sure you engage the right customers, you should always count on your audience list to be up to date.

Autoflows Marketing provides you with dynamic audience lists updated in real time based on order data, vehicle information, as well as changes in vehicle ownership, contact information and marketing permissions.


Dynamic audience lists

Connect directly to your DMS to turn your repair orders into marketing audiences updated in real time


Export your lists with a click

If you already use another email marketing solution – or if you need an email list for an ad campaign – you can easily export your segmented lists.


Target the right audience

Not all marketing campaigns are meant for all the customers in your database. With Autoflows Marketing, you can segment your audience based on smart filters, such as car brand, model and year, customer type, location, and so on.


Segment your audience with smart filters

Use smart filters to segment your audience and ensure your email reaches the right people in your database.


Automatically upload leads from other sources

If you have a newsletter signup form, a chatbot or a booking system for test drives, you can connect those sources to Autoflows.

With the new marketing module that has just been added, we now have the option of sending newsletters to a targeted group of customers directly in Autoflows.

image of Thomas Lyderik Jensen

Thomas Lyderik Jensen
Marketing and communication
Krogsgaard-Jensen A/S
Authorized Toyota dealer – 8 departments across Denmark


Plan a continuous flow of emails

Creating new campaigns has never been easier. Autoflows provides you with dozens of templates to create a steady flow of emails targeting different customer segments. Simply duplicate one of our existing templates and send.


Integrated email editor

Send personalized marketing emails directly from the dashboard. Our drag-and-drop email builder makes crafting an email easier than ever.


Pre-created templates

Our pre-created templates give you plenty of inspiration for your next campaign, so you don’t have to start from a blank canvas.


Track campaign performance

Get a clear overview of how your emails are performing, and generate new leads based on newsletter engagement, so you can segment and target the most active customers with more personal messages.


Track your sent email campaigns

For each campaign, Autoflows Marketing helps you track open rates, click rates, hard and soft bounces and email unsubscribes.


Turn engaged customers into new leads

Segment and target the most active customers with more personal messages. For instance, you can choose to create a new lead after 3 clicks on an email.

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