Customer Strategies
Customer analysis and strategy

Customer centricity has been both talked and thought about for several years. In spite of this, many companies are still at an early stage regarding their customer strategy. Using the framework developed by ag analytics and refined over a number of years, your company can ensure that the customer experience is well-defined and constitutes a permanent part of your culture.

Effective customer strategies ensure more clearly experienced differentiation that leads to larger profitable growth. Through our analysis, we have documented that a differentiated customer experience can be an obvious way to utilize the potential in the existing customer base.

Even though most companies today have already implemented various measurements of their customers, we often see a large unfulfilled potential. To meet this, you need a far more nuanced approach where we, on the basis of your own set of values, talk with your customers and employees to find the core of the underlying value creation.

Some of the questions we often find unanswered are:

  • How and why are we perceived as unique? What precisely won’t they get if customers don’t choose us?
  • What is the potential in the existing customer base? What segment and what customers?
  • What are the costs of a new customer? How many customers do we lose per year?
  • What are the most important areas of improvement when it comes to “customer must-win battles”?
  • How do we ensure that all customer-facing employees can see what each customer feels and experiences?

The presentation below provides some inspiration about the various issues we work with:

Customer analysis and strategy