Customer Strategies
Customer Value Proposition

Many analyses lose their relevance when they don’t have a strong foundation. That’s why our approach always starts by creating a detailed description of what creates value for your customers.

A strong Customer Value Proposition defines those value-adding elements that customers experience as important to them. It creates distinct differentiation and contributes to growth. Without a clearly defined Value Proposition, we cannot test and clarify the differentiated notions that are a driver for growth.

All of ag analytics’ analyses are therefore rooted in working with the values and themes that matter to customers.  Before we analyze and collect data across the customer base, we always takes a step back to have a deeper conversation with customers, stakeholders and employees. Where daily talk can often focus on process and price, we talk about the foundation for added value and possible areas of improvement.

Some of the themes contained by a clearly-defined Customer Value Proposition are outlined below:

  • What is the core of the solution?
  • Why is the company unique?
  • Why do customers choose to buy the company’s products – what do they miss out on if they choose the competition?
  • What is the price point?
  • What are the most important areas of improvement seen with the customer’s eyes?

To fully understand the value-adding parameter, we carry out in-depth interviews, focus groups and workshops. This ensures that both the ideal and differentiating customer perceptions, as well as the underlying drivers are described.

The presentation below describes some of the aspects involved when we talk to customers and employees:

Customer Value Proposition