Employee Research
Employee Research

Engaged employees are an important condition for growth, revenue and customer retention. The employee programs from ag analytics ensure that you get the full potential from all of your employees.

HR is continuously challenged on how they contribute to the overall business agenda. This means that there is a clear need for HR to become more fact-driven.

Our vision is to ensure that HR can document their activities, so well-informed decisions are taken regarding activities and actions that will provide the biggest revenue. There is an obvious link between allocating HR resources and measuring their effect in relation to employees.

ag analytics has mapped four significant criteria that are important for a successful employee analysis program:

  • Trustful indicator– the survey must be carried out regularly, as a minimum on a yearly basis, but ideally every half year. The employee satisfaction has to be regarded as a KPI in constant change. If there is more than a year between the surveys, there is a higher risk that the results will not be compatible in a meaningful way. Unusual events can change the background and the parameters that are measured (e.g. lay off, fusions, product initiatives).
  • All managers must receive a report– all results must be shared with the head of departments so they can be held accountable. This is done by handing out individual reports where it clearly states what to change in the department. Access to relevant results have great value for the head of departments, and besides securing the right focus, they gain insights and have the opportunity to optimize how they manage the department.
  • Action-oriented– there have to be plans of action for the department, so all employees are directly involved in carrying out the change. This will ensure that employees also contribute with ideas. It is especially important that employees with high customer contact are onboard, so customers’ voices are heard.
  • Linkages– by combining data from the survey with other relevant employee data, you ensure that HR can make further decisions based on fact and not intuition. Many companies collect data but don’t gain the full advantages of this. There is a great unfulfilled potential in using data more effectively to optimize HR’s budget in relation to what drives the largest revenue.

Our goal is to help HR to document and prioritize initiatives, so your company’s resources are used with maximum effect.

Employee Research