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How Auto 8-8 doubled service bookings and revenue in just 12 months



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In the fast-paced automotive industry, efficiency and time-savings are essential for success. In 2022, Auto 8-8, a Norwegian multi-brand car dealership group with a rich 100+ year history, faced a challenge common to many players in the industry: increasing customer loyalty and optimizing workshop efficiency. That’s when they turned to Autoflows.

Capitalising on the direct integration with the Keyloop DMS to track booking conversion in real time, Autoflows has helped Auto 8-8:

  • Increase efficiency: Autoflows automates manual tasks, enabling the customer centre to leave cumbersome spreadsheets behind and handle four to five times more bookings per hour.
  • Double bookings and revenue: Auto 8-8 has achieved a remarkable 100% increase in bookings and cash flow within a year of using Autoflows.
  • Create jobs: Auto 8-8 needed to expand their customer center team due to the surge in bookings fueled by Autoflows.
  • Gain valuable customer insights: Autoflows’ statistics reveal why some customers decide not to book an appointment, enabling Auto 8-8 to address customer needs and improve their offering.

Efficiency on autopilot

Autoflows automates the entire aftersales communication journey for Auto 8-8, from customer identification to booking and follow-up. It combines the dealer and workshop’s data with artificial intelligence to predict the customer’s next service appointment, activate the customer via email and SMS, cut down booking dropout and collect customer feedback after the service visit.

The results speak for themselves. Andrei Bjørnli, Head of Customer Centre at Auto 8-8, highlights the transformation: “We’ve seen a 100% increase in bookings and cash flow since implementing Autoflows in 2022. That’s double the business in just one year.”

This surge in bookings is a direct result of Autoflows fully automating the time-consuming tasks of managing Excel sheets and individually contacting each customer through email, SMS, and follow-up calls. “Before Autoflows, our customer outreach process was slow and manual. Two years ago, a member of our aftersales team could only reach one customer per hour at best, involving juggling Excel sheets and a tedious cycle of emails, texts, and calls.” continues Andrei. “Autoflows has revolutionized this process. By eliminating these repetitive tasks, we’ve seen a significant improvement in efficiency. Now, our team can book four or five customers per hour, freeing up valuable time to focus on providing better service and addressing specific customer needs.”

Empowering the aftersales team to focus on what really matters

By automating manual and tedious processes, Autoflows also frees up valuable time to focus on higher-value activities, such as converting aftersales customers and building loyalty. “Automating reminders and follow-ups allows our team to focus on non-responders and provide personalized attention to specific inquiries,” says Andrei Bjørnli. This shift empowers staff to build stronger customer relationships and deliver exceptional service.

Job creation and team growth

The leap in service bookings and revenue fueled Auto 8-8’s contact centre growth. Auto 8-8’s aftersales team has grown significantly in the past 2 years thanks to Autoflows’ ability to integrate with the Keyloop DMS to identify customers due for service, activate them digitally through interactive service reminders, and supply the contact centre with targeted follow-up lists of customers who haven’t finalised a booking or reacted to the reminder.

“We used to have just two people managing the customer centre, manually reaching out via emails, text messages, and calls,” explains Andrei Bjørnli. “It was a slow process. Now, with Autoflows, we have a team of six, and we’re still looking to expand! The platform automates the entire aftersales customer journey, from identification to booking and follow-up.”

Data-driven insights take center stage

Beyond automation, Autoflows supplies Auto 8-8 with valuable customer insights. “Having statistics on customer responses is fantastic,” explains Andrei. “We can see why customers might choose another service provider or delay booking. This feedback allows us to improve our offerings and address customer concerns directly.”

For instance, if customer data reveals that service for a specific car model is perceived as expensive, Auto 8-8 can investigate that feedback and act on it – fostering customer retention and loyalty.

A Look Towards the Future

With Autoflows as a core part of their operations, Auto 8-8 is optimistic about the future. Bjørnli concludes by emphasizing Autoflows’ transformative impact: “For me, Autoflows is the new way of working. It’s the future. They’re constantly innovating, and new add-ons like the sales leads in Autoflows Sales show they’re moving in the right direction.”

Kent Richard Bråthen, the Commercial Manager for Norway at Autoflows, says that the solution is designed to deliver a personalised and seamless customer experience. “The point is that the customer should feel that the call to the workshop is a service and not marketing,” he says. “We tailor the solution to each individual customer and their needs. We can help both large and small operators to bring customers back to the dealership and workshop.”

Kent also says that Autoflows is a cutting-edge technology that can handle complex and dynamic data. “From a technology perspective, it’s about getting the entire job done. We work with over 70 car dealers in Norway. When I visit both large and small players, I get the feeling that we’ve taken a weight off their shoulders.”

The Auto 8-8 story demonstrates how Autoflows can enhance aftersales efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive both sales and aftersales performance. Contact us to learn how to start a Proof of Concept (PoC) with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can read an interview with Andrei Bjørnli on, the leading automotive magazine in Norway.