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How Volvo Car Stor-Oslo more than doubled service booking conversion with Autoflows



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In the competitive world of car dealerships, efficiency is paramount. Every customer interaction holds the potential to cultivate trust and loyalty, ultimately driving sales and service revenue. But for dealerships with high customer volume, manually following up with customers for service appointments can be a time-consuming and often inefficient process.

This was the very challenge faced by Volvo Car Stor-Oslo, a leading dealership group with three locations across Norway. With a robust aftersales department of 130 employees, managing customer follow-up for service appointments presented a significant administrative burden.

We spoke with Helge Bekkebråten, Head of Aftersales, and Therese Schwartz Guldbrandsen, Workshop Coach, to dive deep into how Volvo Car Stor-Oslo managed to streamline their aftersales operations and achieve a remarkable 150% improvement in service booking conversion rates with Autoflows.

Automating manual workflows: A relief for Personal Service Technicians

Volvo dealerships prioritise customer service after purchase. When aftersales customers book service, they typically interact with their own dedicated Personal Service Technician (PST), who takes care of everything related to their car – from booking the appointment to carrying out servicing and repairs, and answering any questions customers may have. PSTs usually report to Coaches, who supervise the technicians and provide a smooth overall experience to aftersales customers.

“Until now, we had to follow up with customers manually,” explains Helge Bekkebråten, Head of Aftersales at Volvo Car Stor-Oslo. “This meant going into Excel spreadsheets to find customer data and then calling customers one by one. Autoflows has completely automated this entire process, which has been a huge relief for our Personal Service Technicians.”

By automating follow-up tasks, Autoflows freed up valuable time for technicians to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional customer service in the workshop. This not only improved overall efficiency but also boosted employee morale.

Improved Customer Focus and a 150% Conversion Rate Increase

Prior to Autoflows, Volvo Car Stor-Oslo achieved a conversion rate of just 10% on customer follow-up calls. “With Autoflows,” says Helge Bekkebråten, “we’ve seen a dramatic improvement. Our service booking conversion rate has jumped to 25-30%. It’s a significantly more efficient way to connect with customers and ensure they get the service their car needs.”

Therese Schwartz Guldbrandsen, a Workshop Coach and daily user of Autoflows, echoes this sentiment. “We see clear results when we use Autoflows. The biggest benefit is that it streamlines the entire process. It’s simple and eliminates unnecessary administrative tasks. Everyone sees the advantages – we get feedback, bookings come in, cars get serviced, and the customer is happy.”

The streamlined process offered by Autoflows goes beyond just follow-ups. “Autoflows provides a clear dashboard that gives us a complete overview of upcoming service appointments,” explains Helge Bekkebråten. “This ensures we don’t waste time contacting customers who have already booked, freeing up time to focus on those who might need a reminder to schedule their aftersales service.”

Key takeaways

The Volvo Car Stor-Oslo case study exemplifies the power of automation to reduce admin work, boost efficiency and maximise aftersales performance within the automotive industry. By embracing Autoflows, Volvo Car Stor-Oslo has achieved significant improvements in:

  • Efficiency: Automating customer follow-up tasks liberates valuable time for service technicians, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional service to customers in the workshop.
  • Conversion rates: A 150% increase in the rate of customers booking appointments after being followed up on translates to increased revenue and a more efficient workshop schedule. Technicians can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working on billable hours.
  • Stronger customer focus: Streamlined processes ensure that customers are reminded of upcoming service needs and can easily book appointments, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Ready to transform your dealership’s aftersales operations and join the ranks of success stories like Volvo Car Stor-Oslo? Autoflows is a scalable and user-friendly solution for dealerships of all sizes. Whether you’re a single-location operation or a multi-branch enterprise, Autoflows can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for a personalized demo and discover how Autoflows can empower your dealership to reach new heights.