Aftersales loyalty: an uphill battle with manual and time-consuming work

17 April 2024
11:00 – 11:45 (CET)


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9 out of 10 car dealers struggle with the cumbersome work required to ensure customers schedule an aftersales appointment

In the automotive industry, efficiency and time-savings are essential for success. But for an overwhelming majority of aftersales teams, fostering customer loyalty seems to be at odds with achieving efficiency.

Drawing from the transformative stories of Mercedes-Benz CPH and Auto 8-8, this webinar will delve into the common pains and frustrations faced by car dealerships in managing aftersales loyalty.

  • The manual customer identification: Identifying the customers due for service and predicting the next appointment date implies extensive manual work. Andrei Bjørnli, Head of Customer Centre at Auto 8-8, says “Two years ago, our aftersales team could only reach one customer per hour and had to juggle Excel sheets and a tedious cycle of emails, texts and calls. By eliminating these repetitive tasks, our team can now book four or five customers per hour and has more time to provide better service and address specific customer needs.”
  • The follow-up frustration: After the send-out of service reminders, reaching out to customers who have not finalised their booking process or haven’t responded to the reminder turns into a laborious endeavour, especially when there is no prioritisation of who to call first. Alexander Bastiansen, CRM Marketer at Mercedes-Benz CPH, says “Before, our call centre had to download Excel sheets and different call lists every day, and it also had to rank the leads so they could reach out to the most qualified ones first”.
  • A glimmer of hope: In examining these obstacles, we concurrently cast light upon a promising prospect for the future. This entails a strategic pivot away from manual procedures towards a streamlined business process that enhances efficiency and aftersales enablement.

This webinar specifically targets aftersales practitioners within the automotive industry. Register now for free and secure your spot.


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