Maximise aftersales performance through digital customer activation

30 April 2024
2:00 – 3:00pm (UK time)


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How to boost service bookings and optimize aftersales performance while saving time on manual tasks

It’s every car dealer’s dream to increase service bookings without wasting time and money on manual tasks. But for 70% of Autoline Drive and Rev8 car dealerships in Northern Europe that dream is now reality!

Autoflows turns your DMS data into digital customer activation to maximise aftersales performance, benefiting both the aftersales team, which saves time on manual tasks, and the end customer, who receives timely and relevant service reminders.

Join this free webinar and learn how Autoflows can help you:

  • Identify 25% more customers who need service by using AI to scan text in your order data. No more relying on repair codes and manual customer selection.
  • Activate 40% of your customers digitally with interactive email and SMS reminders. Cut down inbound calls and make it easy for your customers to book their next appointment.
  • Achieve 60-80% booking conversion via phone thanks to targeted lists of customers who haven’t finalized a booking or responded to the reminder.

This webinar is a unique opportunity to learn how to try Autoflows at no risk and hear how Autoflows has helped 600+ car dealerships increase booking conversion, cut down inbound calls, win back lost customers, and minimize manual work in connection with service reminders.

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Marc Bauer

+45 30 99 14 24

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Nicholas Malcolm

CEO & Partner
+45 30 99 14 21

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