How to remove admin work and simplify the aftersales process

20 August 2024
2:00 – 2:45pm (UK time)


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The life of an aftersales or service manager is one of daily pressure.

Being responsible for creating service hours for the workshop in a struggling economy, dealing with frustrated customers also feeling the squeeze, and working across several disconnected systems that aren’t integrated are just some of the difficulties of the job.

It’s no wonder that recruiting and retention is one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry right now. Often, aftersales and service teams lack the tools to fulfil their main KPI of efficiency and all the admin and internal work is taking time away from what they enjoy doing – workshop utilisation and customer service.

Join this webinar and learn how Autoflows can help you:

  • Tackle daily pressures: Understand how removing admin work and simplifying your aftersales processes can alleviate the daily challenges faced by your teams.
  • Integrate with ease: Learn how integrating disconnected systems can simplify your workflow and increase workshop utilisation and customer service.
  • Boost employee satisfaction and retention: Discover how simplifying the life of your aftersales teams can enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

We look forward to welcoming you to our webinar on how to remove admin work and simplify aftersales processes to give your team the best tools to do their job, and increase their satisfaction.

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Axel Graeser

Commercial Manager – UKI
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Marc Bauer

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