Unifying aftersales processes and gauging performance across the network

2 May 2024
11:00 – 11:45 (CET)


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Gaining insight into network performance is an extremely intricated process

One of the top challenges that OEMs, National Sales Companies (NSCs), importers and large dealer groups face is navigating across dozens of different data structures to obtain a clear insight into network performance, especially in terms of end-customer sales, used car sales, and non-brand-specific products.

Data from different dealerships in the network is typically stored in different Dealer Management Systems (DMSs). Data assumptions and logics differ across DMSs, which makes it difficult to compare and benchmark performance.

Join this webinar to learn how unifying aftersales processes across the dealer network provides intelligently mapped and reliable dealership data, and results in:

  • Working seamlessly with different data structures across dealerships and DMSs
  • Spending less time on project and data management
  • Driving action and improving performance thanks to data & insights shared across the network

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how you can unify aftersales processes and work more effectively across DMSs and dealerships to drive action and performance across the network.

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Marc Bauer

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