How to create focus on specific behavior

Case with Engströms Bil

Jonas Billström, Head of Aftersales at Engströms Bil (Audi Sweden) explains how the company successfully implemented prioritized processes to create a stronger focus on specific behavior. It was essential to place responsibility with the employees, and by doing so letting them bring their core competencies into play when working with customers.

What has Engströms Bil gained from working with ag analytics?

Jonas Billström, Head of After Sales, Engströms Bil: First of all, we see that after we started working with ag analytics our customer satisfaction has increased. I think a major part of it is due to the system making it clear what areas we must prioritize. Moreover, the system has an amazing impact on the employees as it triggers them, making them take matters into their own hands. It’s simply fantastic.

Why is it important that all employees receive personal and real-time customer feedback?

Anton Frilund, Service Advisor, Engströms Bil: Receiving personal and real-time customer feedback means a great deal in my opinion. Assuming I got a positive review before noon, that would really make my day. Receiving a positive review is a great source of motivation, making me give the following customers that little extra attention. Every positive review is like getting a pat on the shoulder saying good work guys. It really has an impact on my everyday work effort – it is great.

The system has this amazing effect where it triggers the employees to take matters into their own hands.

image of Jonas Billström

Jonas Billström
Head of Aftersales
Engströms Bil (Audi Sweden)

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What influence has real-time and personal feedback had on your customer response?

Johan Wigh, Team Leader, Engströms Bil: I receive direct feedback on what opinions customers have of us. Instead of waiting a couple of days, I am now able to react and contact customers on the same day, which is key. A quick response ensures that we are able to correct any possible mistake, preventing the customer from spreading uncertainty about Engströms Bil and Audi. As a result, we are able to prevent bad customer experiences and avoid them reoccurring in other cases.

What impact has ag analytics had on the everyday management at Engströms Bil?

Peter Storck, Service Manager, Engströms Bil: The new system has helped us in a number of ways and made the management of my everyday life much easier. Using the system has resulted in a higher satisfaction among customers as well as an increased the motivation among my employees. The amount of direct positive feedback that my employers now receive, makes them put even more effort into serving the customers, who enter the store. We have furthermore experienced that the new system has made our customers more willing to answer our surveys. The response we now get is more detailed, making it possible for us to better the customer experience going forward.

What are the most significant changes that the new system has contributed with regarding the improvement of customer experience?

Jonas Bilström, Engströms Bil: Today all employees are able to enter the system themselves, whereas before it was the boss that informed the employees about a dissatisfied customers and how to handle them. Having changed the process enables me to focus on other matters. Also, I am sure it leads to better customer service, because we are working with the right things and doing it properly. As I am placed far away from the customer contact, I should not be the person to decide how to handle each individual customer. Really, that is what the service employees are here for, and it is their core competencies, which we now make the most of with the new system.

Really, that is what the service employees are here for, and it is their core competencies, which we now make the most of with the new system.

Jonas Billström
Head of Aftersales
Engströms Bil (Audi Sweden)

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Would you want to go back to the old system?

Peter Storck, Engströms Bil: No not really, the new system allows me to get a quick overview without any hassle and a lot of different logins. When I log into the system, I have my results available immediately, which enables me to work more efficiently.

Does accomplishing 10 top ratings in a row really matter to employees?

Peter Storck, Engströms Bil: Yes, absolutely! I have a goal of getting 10 top ratings in a row. We reached 8 in a row, but unfortunately, we got a 4-star review that broke the spree. But we will get more interviews, and it is still our goal to get the email with the diploma of 10 top ratings in a row.

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