A Historical Customer Experience Transformation

By following clear recommendations from the ag playbook, Audi Gladsaxe has managed to implement processes with a great success rate. This is how employees have come to adapt extensive behavioral change.

Leading behavioral change

Too often, inaccurate processes founded in the wrong metrics lead to failing initiatives. Leading behavioral change requires a focused effort, directed towards simple yet key processes known to have an impact. To focus efforts, ag analytics assisted Audi Gladsaxe in prioritizing processes throughout the customer journey. Prioritizing correctly has helped implement fundamental processes that are targeted towards significant customer touchpoints.

Employees are provided with clear guidelines that aim to integrate the criteria for a successful customer experience into the daily running of the workshop. Now employees repeatedly execute on crucial customer touchpoints, and successfully meet customer expectations.

We have partnered up with ag analytics to make sure that we bring more ownership into the process. We need to guide the dealers with analytics and insights on how to deliver a 5-star experience every single time.

Poul Erik Skjerning Røgilds
Former Head of Aftersales
Audi Denmark

Employee motivation – a key driver

With the fundamental processes in place, the Audi Gladsaxe leadership quickly noticed a shift in motivation among the employees. The system provided by ag analytics displays the effect of every individual employee’s work. This enables employees to target their efforts based on a clear measure for success. Now, employees are able to work confidently and with a clear sense of direction, which has proven to be a driver for increasing motivation. As a result, employees put an increased amount of pride into their work, due to seeing the direct value of their efforts.

In addition, the leadership puts great effort into creating a supportive and motivating working environment. A primary focus was to create structure by assigning areas of responsibility to each individual employee. Thoroughly communicating expectations has made employees take greater responsibility for their work whilst also encouraging each other. A positive internal dialogue has additionally been established, by increasingly including employees in decision-making processes. This has prevented new initiatives from failing, as they no longer seem distant to the employees. Instead, employees assist the leadership in developing initiatives targeted towards improving the customer experience.

Before we could not perform according to factory requirements. Now we are aware of what exact actions need improving on, so we can reach our goals.

image of Mads Peter Kierulff

Mads Peter Kierulff
Service Manager
Audi Gladsaxe

Targeting initiatives across the customer journey

Many dealerships continuously face the challenge of losing customers, due to a lacking integration between the sales and service department. The divide between departments often prevents long-term initiatives from being carried out across the customer journey. In order for customer loyalty to span across a longer period of time, both the sales and service department must participate in customer-retention efforts. At Audi Gladsaxe focus has been aimed at handing over customers between the sales and service department. And so, integrating departments will essentially bring Audi Gladsaxe closer to creating customers for life.

Another key aspect to Audi Gladsaxe’s success has been investing in customer follow-ups. Putting follow-ups into system helps Audi Gladsaxe reduce major customer pain-points and any uncertainty that potentially could impact the overall customer experience. When following up on workshop visits, Audi Gladsaxe can ensure customers that all necessary work has been thoroughly diagnosed and repaired. Also, follow-ups allow an immediate response to potential issues, which both reduces negative feedback and leads to excelling customer satisfaction. This has major beneficial outcomes, as reaching customers outside of the dealership can led to increased customer loyalty.

Today, the collaboration continues to support the significant increase in the customer satisfaction and the strong results delivered by Audi Gladsaxe.

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