Market analysis and strategies
Market analysis and strategies

What is the financial impact of your decisions? Are you leveraging your full potential in the market? How is the market responding to your brand? Are you getting the optimal return on your marketing investments? How can your product achieve a larger share of market potential?

ag analytics are experts in market strategy and analysis. We have extensive experience with analyzing and solving complex problems for different industries and lines of businesses, both in Denmark and internationally.

While many of the methods supplement each other, we often find two major pathways:

  1. B2B market analyses motivated by bottom-line driven questions concerning future strategies
  2. B2C market analyses typically more aimed at assessing your brand and actual marketing.

Prioritizing in B2B markets

Complex market structures and fierce competition create the need for an informed decision-making process. We often find B2B markets to be highly mature with several competitors performing well on basic drivers. Examples of the questions we answer are:

  • What is the potential of product X?
  • What is our current market share?
  • Should I invest in a new production facility?
  • How are my most important competitors performing?
  • What are the most value-creating factors for my high potential customers?

By investigating the market, and your potential, penetration and performance, we are able to provide the answers and outline the right conditions for success.

B2C brand analyses

Assessing the strength of your brand is vital in B2C environments where complex decision journeys increase the importance of your brand. We use several techniques to measure your brand performance, and tailor the solution to your needs. For example, retail often requires other metrics, such as distribution.

Examples of typical focus areas are:

  • Brand funnel performance – awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty
  • Brand position in relation to price and quality – Are we perceived as differentiated or average?
  • Measurement and evaluation of marketing investments
  • Development of concepts with the largest potential
  • Campaign evaluation

Market analysis and strategies