What dealers say

User-friendliness speaks for itself

— The user-friendliness speaks for itself, so I’d rather say a few words about how pleasantly easy it is now to articulate customer satisfaction with the dashboard. The strength of the system is that it translates data into concrete proposals for processes that need to be improved to increase customer satisfaction. And it’s all the way down to the individual level. So now it’s easier for you to communicate about specific areas that need attention, tasks and goals for each employee, and people can see their own performance as well.

Henrik Blom, Managing Director, SKODA Danmark

We are now performing according to factory requirements

— I work with ŠKODA and VW in Gladsaxe, which is one of Denmark’s largest service and repair workshops. In addition, I’ve worked with customer satisfaction for many years – but for the last six months we’ve focused on the concrete customer processes that ag analytics recommended. We’re now performing according to what the factory requires – we did not do that before. Working in a targeted way with selected customer processes works, and it’s easier for employees to work with “invoice walk-through” and “repeat repair,” for example, than just an overall satisfaction score. We can easily see the results of the individual, so doing well every time has become a sport.

Mads Peter Kierulff, Service Manager, Semler Retail Gladsaxe
What dealers say