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Powerful automations for the world’s largest automotive brands

The future of automotive is digital – It’s time to take control of your data and own your growth.

AI-powered automation helps you inform and remind the right customer at the right time throughout the aftersales journey. Give time back to your employees, so they can be more proactive with customers, and boost loyalty and growth in just 30 days.

Enabling automations across the entire value chain


Dealers across distributors & importers

Master CX with predictive and personal actions


Personal & predictive action plans


Gamified notifications & alerts


Cross-brand & cross-journey overview


Car dealerships

Unlock powerful automations across the journey


Automatic and daily reminders


500 hours of work saved yearly


Reminders for 15+ different services


Independent workshops

Experience powerful aftersales automations


Automatic and daily reminders


25% fewer incoming calls


30% more online bookings

Unlock the future in just 30 days PLUG AND PLAY



Complex configuration with continuous meetings


Manual and time-consuming data processing


Ad hoc send outs


Implementation goes on for months, or even years


Minimal or inadequate support



Seamless data & DMS integrations and connections


Automatic data organization through text analytics


Automatic & daily send outs via predictive analytics


Go live in just 30 days


Free onboarding and continual support

Marketing in aftersales requires customer activation at the right time and in the right channel.

Autoflows takes care of all this completely automatically.

image of Eetu Raunio

Eetu Raunio
Head of Marketing and Digital
Hedin Automotive Oy
Authorized multibrand dealer – 25 departments across Finland

Connect and organize your data to activate customers. Plug and play.


Seamless connections and integrations
We connect seamlessly with your Dealer Management System (DMS) and other data sources


Automatic and intelligent data organization
AI and text analytics are used to scan order lines and text, and organize data into different aftersales services


Predictive customer activation
Through advanced predictive analytics, Autoflows automatically reactivates your customers at the right time


Bidirectional integration
Changes in vehicle, contact and consent information are automatically updated in the DMS

AUTOMATE the full customer journey – plug and play

In just 30 days, we connect and organize your data to activate customers

Autoflows Aftersales

Automatic and daily reminders and follow-ups for aftersales visits

  • Maintenance reminders
  • Tire change reminders
  • Vehicle inspection reminders
  • Car body inspection reminders
  • Follow-up lists of unresponsive customers

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Autoflows Sales

Boost sales engagement by turning your aftersales customers into sales leads

  • Sales leads based on incoming workshop visitors
  • Maintenance agreement expiration follow-ups
  • Sale of new maintenance agreements
  • Warranty extension follow-ups
  • Leasing expiration follow-ups

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Autoflows Marketing

Your one-stop tool to easily create targeted emails that will strengthen your customer relationships, and increase visits to your dealership

  • Audience lists updated in real time based on order data
  • Segment your audience with smart filters
  • Integrated email editor
  • Dozens of pre-created templates to choose from
  • Upload of leads via webhook or forms

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Autoflows CX

Master your Customer Experience through predictive and personal actions that optimize every touchpoint along the journey

  • CX measurements along the customer journey
  • Specific and personal actions driven by data
  • Smart notifications and alerts to the individual advisors
  • Gamified learning to reinforce positive behavior
  • Text analytics revealing what lies behind CX scores

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Send automatic reminders to your aftersales customers

Your customers want to be reminded when it’s time for a service visit. Autoflows Aftersales sends automatic, daily and personalized reminders to your customers, so they don’t forget to book their next appointment.

By automating their reminders, our customers have increased online bookings by 30%, reduced incoming calls and saved 2 hours of manual work every day.

  • Maintenance
  • Tire change
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Car body inspection
  • Underbody coating

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We used to spend so much time manually inviting customers to service.

Now, not only do we save 2 hours per day, but we also get in return 20 times the resources we used to spend for data exporting, handling and cleansing.

image of Martin Ring Bjørnelund

Martin Ring Bjørnelund
Aftersales Manager
P. Christensen
Authorized Mercedes-Benz and Stellantis dealer – 8 departments across Denmark


Boost sales engagement by turning your aftersales customers into sales leads

Reach your customers automatically when their maintenance, leasing or warranty agreements are about to expire, and save them the hassle of being left without warranty or – worse – without a car.

Autoflows Sales sends automatic and daily reminders to your customers for sales services, such as:

  • Maintenance agreement expiration
  • Warranty extension
  • Leasing expiration
  • Leads based on incoming visitors

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Use your DMS data to send marketing emails to your active customers

Autoflows Marketing turns your organized order data into always updated marketing audiences, and gives you access to dozens of pre-created templates, so you can engage your customers with marketing emails all year round.

  • Seasonal checks
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Sales offers
  • Test drives
  • Special opening hours
  • Events & competitions
  • Holiday cards

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Master your Customer Experience with predictive and personal actions

Autoflows Customer Experience leverages artificial intelligence to provide deep insights and predictive recommendations to optimize every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Personalized action plans help you guide your teams so they can better serve your customers.

  • Personal action plans
  • Text analytics
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Gamified learning
  • Cross-brand & cross-journey overview

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Getting started with Autoflows was surprisingly simple.

We became a pilot and all we had to do was give access to our data. Shortly after, the system was fully up and running.

image of Frode Lehne

Frode Lehne
Service Director
Authorized Ford dealer – 6 departments across Norway

We put you first, so you can put your customers first

Powerful aftersales automations should simplify your workflows, not take more of your resources. Which is why at the heart of what we do is first-class customer success and support.

We set up Autoflows for you from A to Z, so you can unlock the power of aftersales automations in less than 30 days. Guaranteed.


We connect to your data sources


We configure your dashboard


We set up all email and SMS templates for you


We onboard you and your teams


We provide free support on an ongoing basis

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